Eat well in just seconds.
90 to be exact.

Ridiculously healthy & delicious.

Whether you’re a busy family, an athlete, a meal-prepper or just someone looking to eat healthy we're sure you're going to love our cauliflower rice.

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Less calories


Less carbohydrates

than white rice

You're going to love it.

Seriously it's that quick & easy.

Heat and eat.

Nom nom nom...

The ideal substitute to rice.

With so many wonderful health benefits packed inside our product we hope that you will give it try and enjoy your next meal of cauliflower from Health Heart Produce.

Gluten free
Preservative free
Additive free


in Australia

shelf life

cauliflower rice

Healthy Heart Produce is the first company in Australia to offer cauliflower rice with a 3 month shelf life.

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